Steps in Making a Demo Recorded Tape

It is very common even before to send recorded tape of yourself to different TV networks or programs to showcase your talent and become part and work for them. It is still very widely use specially to the corporate videography Singapore as they want to see if you have a factor to become a star on TV or films. For some countries, doing a demo tape would give them a chance to choose those people who have the guts and star factor to become an artist in the future. It is not limited to acting only but also to those people who dream of becoming a singer or a dancer.  

 Demo Recorded Tape

Of course, you need to remember that there is a chance as well that you might not be selected by them due to some reasons and circumstances. It could be something about what you did in the video, or the quality of the recording is not that very good or audible so they don’t consider it. You have to remember that when you do something, then you have to give your very best in order to get a good result and not to regret things. So, here are some steps in making a great and excellent kind of demo recorded tape for your next audition for a singing contest or a reality show.  

If you’re trying to audition for a reality show then that would be a bit harder to choose whether you are going to act. sing or dance in the video. You need to think deeply in which category are you good at so that you can focus to one talent only and give your very best and act as well. Of course, if you’re trying to join a singing contest, then you have to show your great vocals in the video and make sure that the audio quality is excellent. You choose a great camera or borrow from your friends so that you could get a good shot and ask your friend to film it for you.  

You should include something related to yourself like your complete name, address and even your age to give them a bit information about you. Of course, this one differs to what kind of things are you up to like in singing you need to be specific if you’re singing more on rap or pop. Make sure that your face would be nice to see on the video and you need to smile and have a good face so that it can attract the attention. You could try to watch some more audition tapes on others on the internet to get more ideas on how to do it properly and how you should look.  

Wear appropriate clothes in the demo tape and avoid wearing too revealing clothes if it is not needed in that audition tape. If you are satisfied with it, then you have to put it in a box and make sure to send to the address of the TV network.  


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